Men please listen, women have something more to say!

Men please listen, women have something more to say!

1 You feel fat , that is fat , do not ask us, we refused to answer .
♀: Is Oh, yeah Oh, that you would not ask us too fast in bed , that is so, do not ask us,
We also refused to answer.

2 Make the toilet seat , used readily to stand it up !
♀: The next time we pee in your home bathroom floor as well.

3 Do not cut hair, long hair is always attractive than short hair , men are afraid to marry big reason married woman suddenly
Cut short hair, and you still have to get along with her day and night .
♀: big reason women are afraid to marry a man suddenly began to lose their hair after marriage , then is not the hair ,
And you still have to contend with him from morning till evening .

4 Do not look to the birthday , Valentine’s Day , anniversaries find the perfect gift.
♀: You do not look to the birthday , Valentine’s Day , anniversary , we will find the perfect sexy lingerie to wear
To please you.

5 Please remember that we sometimes do not in life think you .
♀: That happens , we are , even if we say we are.

6 Unless Naixiang discuss playing soldier, politics and other topics , do not ask what we think !
♀: Unless you want to cook or bring out our own romantic dinner outside , do not ask us tonight
What to eat !

7 Sunday = sports , like fixing a full moon and high tide , do not change !
♀: department store anniversary = SHOPPING, just as important as eating and breathing , do not nagging !

8. NO! Shopping is not a sport ! No way !
♀: What do you take me along on Sunday to exercise !

9 When we want to go together , what you wear is fine , really !
♀: affectionate with us , you absolutely have rod than my previous boyfriends , really !

10. You absolutely have enough clothes.
♀: You definitely have enough of the other half of the United States .

11 You already have too many shoes it!
♀: You already have the other half so beautiful !

12. Crying is blackmail behavior.
♀: ignore is tragic murder .

13 former boyfriend you nothing !
♀: Your ex -girlfriend ugly and fat !

14 How do you want me straight ! Subtle hints of no use , no use strong hint , hint obviously useless ,
Say – out – come !
♀: said , then we should do ! No use pretending to forget , pretend nothing is useless, useless pseudo dementia ,
We will remember ~ ~ ~ ~ a generation too ~ son .

15 God knows what day it is ? We never do not mark your calendar !
♀: Heaven knows what I’ll be A to your car ? I clearly remember my horoscope today as everything is Kat !

16. Standing pee is indeed difficult , we occasionally will inevitably lose prospective head.
♀: all day wrapped in diapers really easy to lose patience , every 28 days we will have an occasional temper week
Like a child !

17 Most men only two pairs of shoes , we can not pick out your clothes fit a pair of shoes in a bunch .
♀: Most men only a paycheck , we really can not understand why you are always thinking about when to have a second car.

18. ” Yes ” and ” No ” is a good deal all the answers .
♀: incomplete answer is the beginning of all the problems .

19 instead, if you need someone to help solve the problem, although come to us , instead, if you need a ” sympathetic “
Please picking on their handkerchiefs to pay .
♀: If you worry about things at work to meet needs someone to listen , though come to us , if you need a
” Punching bag ” Sorry, injustice has a head with the main debt .

20 Do not want to fool what , we do not want to ignorance rather incompetent .
♀: Do not think we do not know what is on your mind , we pretend ignorance is because of love.

21 Do not debate the question six months ago, we discussed all of our dialogue should automatically expire after seven days.
♀: Do not care about the weight of our marriage , do not you heard of marriage is the beginning of another period of new life.

22. If you can not dress up as real beauty , you can not expect us to behave like Titanic protagonist.
♀: If you can not excel muscle hunk , you can not expect us to be a real beauty .

23 If one thing can be interpreted two ways , and one makes you uncomfortable , then we mean another .
♀: If everything have to use logic to explain that we really did not understand why fancy you !

24 Let us cast a glance crush it with your eyes , this is a natural !
♀: Let us shopping , this is the spirit of the food !

25. You can tell us what to do “or” how do you want to , not to mention the two simultaneously.
♀: You can ” ask ” What we want to do or how you do it, rather than the tone of command .

26 There is then possible finish in the advertising time .
♀: fart complete as possible when you put one person alone .

27. Scantily clad women have no right to complain about being people stared .
♀: inconsiderate men have no right to complain that no one loves .

28 A woman should wear more revealing clothing , because we all love to stare .
♀: no muscle or fat men only light upper body should not be okay , because we really do not like .

29 Our relationship will never be the same relic start , but the honeymoon period is long over !
♀: Please also recognize that we have never Xianggang gentle start , as impossible as your sexuality
Always the same as 25 years old .

30. ” Beer ” just as excited to bring our “new bag ” to bring you guys the same.
♀: SHOPPING bring us pleasure like “movement” to bring you the same.

31 Now that this is “our” house , why “my” things will be thrown into a closet , attic , basement ?
♀: Since this is “our” house , why do you always the “I” organize closets, attic , basement ?

32 We will never read minds , the lack of this ability does not prove that we do not care about you.
♀: We always less likely to find their way , the lack of this ability does not prove that we are idiots .

33 When we asked you , ” how? ” And you answered ” nothing ,” we will assume nothing , even knowing that you are lying ,
We never argue !
♀: When we ask you ” ? Good or bad ,” and you answered ” good-looking ” , we do not mind it as your price,
Even knowing that you did not look up .

34 When an old lover to hear the message , we will have sexual fantasies, but do not worry , you and she will also appear in the fantasy .
♀: when you hear the old lover news , we will have sexual fantasies , but do not worry , you and he will also appear in the
With the fantasy scene .

Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! Really wonderful !

Women , to help you blow off steam , and a pro


This season, the catkins flying in the sky , in the chaos .
Have you not seen the slightest catkins flying . As everyone knows, this flying catkins ruffled Who Love ? Whose thoughts and troubles ?

This image shows three male Willow (Salix) cat...

This image shows three male Willow (Salix) catkins. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The sun is still shining , the flying catkins , I look around , I was looking for . I love you in the wrong ? Gradually, I am disappointed , I was desperate , huh, huh ! You never had to be mine. Perhaps you only in my dreams . Or maybe you’re just in my life passer-by. But , once, so nice, so beautiful . True Love Stories 
You are you, in this world you could not find the same one . You are you, my world different kind of fireworks. Accompany you through life, who would freeze in the memory forever. You give happiness is eternal, but the pain you gave is lingering . You hate to leave nothing had happened , worried you did not say anything restraint ; distressed you frown, you ruffian ruffian heart grin . So obviously know the results , but still threw. I know, I always knew that someday , my love will be with endless sad and plaintive vanished , just pray to that day , late, late again ……
You leave my heart instantly wet , humid in my world that mercilessly flooding. A little bit, a bit, one begins , wet my eyes , my face , and even wet on me one less prominent folds …… the moment you leave , my life has lost the most important stage of the audience , I still be able to continue to dance ? You still continue to do this ?
Beautiful love always stopped short , unfortunately very memorable , pain is very clear.
Love in the grief of fading , aging face in contradictions . Old girl , face had early twilight , you still look forward to it ? Whether it is your willing, or do you not willing to do ? You distinguish , debate Ming do ?
Love is not a long wait , nor seek come. It probably only happens when you inadvertently a bow, careless of an unexpected stop …… but unforgettable. Oh ! Some met , and his one man only once !
Love can become a memory , but life must go on. My love, I have the courage to you completely removed, had to put your heart dusty , wipe tears , laugh at life !

Who still waits on the broken bridge

Clouds no match day is gone,

Zhulei tumbling, guqin come to grief.

Zunqian, brow with Candeng,

How Imperial unlined cold night?

Long Distance Love Poems

Xuanmiao Guan (Temple of Mystery) in Suzhou, China

Xuanmiao Guan (Temple of Mystery) in Suzhou, China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Wind had, leaves sound,

Trail leaves and layers.

Frost frozen kiss,

Purple gauze, the warmth left a bit?


Who is so cruel,

Tasui Gobi sand a scar?

Wushan Shiyan cold rain,

Butterflies go wild geese nowhere to ask.

Suzhou city, few people can sober?


On the bridge, who in waiting?

Guxiang depths

To play the lute repeated thin rings,

West Wing mandarin duck dream can relive?

Heart mound

Heart mound

I have nowhere to run, even the slightest dip no amount of black hair has lost its past appearance. Graduation, long hair fluttering , just know that silly smile . Look at the sunset , reflected my old face , the only constant thing is silly , but then not so innocent smile .

English: Broken heart sewn back together

English: Broken heart sewn back together (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been tired, tired or there may be other people who want to complain to , but I went blank , spring is coming , and I still can not see colors.
Me, speechless . Dry unable to pronounce any sound hoarsely , nor should be silent weeping soul , even if there is sound and how ? ! Romantic Ideas
I , weakness. Mutilated souls wander all through my body overdraft my fatigue. I saw Meng Po blurred in a bowl , there was a carnal red line .
How can you ever forget a face , how then and you were lovely . Staggering , stumbling , buried in Lai Shengyuan .
Blown away organs, dried my memory . Since it is so , why . Those , like fish scales attached to the body of the scales, after all, can not become amber , and even life- he can not dominate , what is eternal . Heart hollowed out , wither and die , the blood drops drip stop, look to when the road along the blood has been blurred.
Is not it , yes it, but happens to believe. In the end is who who tears bright smile ? It does not matter , where they heard that song ? Who knows ? Who is hurt ? Falling into graves.
Next life, and Meng Po soup to a few more , everything forgotten no longer stay Bansi traces, including myself.
In this life , who held my hand in the cold night Qifeng , you get my audible call ? !
Love, too hurtful, I picking up a piece of broken heart , that my heart bursts of grief no one can tell . What can I ruthless , forget all this life , start over. If then, you and I meet again , my eyes will not be staggered with you , no longer deep whirlpool of emotions !
Do not say anything missed this life , next life I do not remember ! Vaguely , you leave the back so unsympathetic, leave me alone Guying shape .
What I want is wrong , is that you never lonely too . Edge , and does not cherish do not complain , really missed you regret. Everyone has Tomorrow, the quiet smile, marshes !

Quiet Resentment

slowly walking in the quiet street , the ground catkins in the spring breeze hold slightly domesticated hen groups into one ball , the road on both sides of the tree children singing in the wind whispered . In this approximation the beautiful scene , I could not calm my mind like a surging badly .
Lovelorn girl looking slightly hemorrhagic colored face , listening to the lovelorn girl slightly sad talk, a little girl holding a lovelorn cold hands , as if in a mirror with my soul . Moment, nowhere to hide my pain , heart has long been repressed feelings are touched , grievances , sadness , bitterness , like an avalanche flock to my mind , could not stand , quickly fled to this deserted place .

You're My Heart, You're My Soul

You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In accordance with a willow , I curled up and then curled up , shivering trembling again . Finally, the piercing cry out ; finally , desperate to vent out. At this point, my heart belongs to the wind that pain finally no longer reverse the line . At this point, my soul seems to be pulled out , the whole world stand still . My soul crying around me blankly , in addition to heartache, do nothing. Broken Heart Quotes
All along, the day my plate from the hair, smiling, in front of people piled out of a strong and proud of themselves. Night, my hair disheveled , remove the mask , huddled in the corner no one , either of pain and numbness in my hands and feet , but , no matter how struggle, eventually no tears .
Today, the tears finally came . This may be a good sign that I began to come out , and gradually put down. Maybe , someday , I will scab healed.
Once, I identified with the mind , giving you close your eyes and cover your ears trust. As long as you say , I believe, even if the whole world is against it.
Just like me, you understand me ? Stop dancing , fireworks scattered, the end is empty ……
” Jetty willow green , branches and leaves from the situation since then sent off Kam book , painted floor cloud no proof .” What infatuated ? What kind of trouble ?
Pulled out my soul , you come to an end .
Are you waiting for my pale , or I ignored your pain.
I wait, you sad.
I looked , your depression.
Injury, is my greatest intention in love , is what I most want to see.
Look up at you, your heart floating in the clouds above .
Looking down at me, my heart is immersed in seawater.
How can I do ? How can I do ?
Love is not the biggest heartbreak you do not love me but you will not love me. Face reality, vows are the most useless , the most feeble .
I understand that love is very pure , very fragile thing . It can not be doped , not weight. Otherwise, even if reluctantly owned, the taste will be the opposite. However, the short-lived sad, plaintive fireworks scattered , that touching moment , that bright moment . After the fall of darkness that bustling gap, given the pain that dark and lonely , detached soul , tearing flesh , tumbling blood .
If you can not accompany me to the last ,
If you can not promise me ” together .”
If , if , you are just a shadow of my life ,
If , if , you can only come quietly , quietly go back .
So, if the next life , the best years in less than if you wait for me , then we will go two clear now ! After Ruozai met , I will not love you . No I do not desire this love, but I do not want to bear got lost after the gap . I do not expect this is not love, but I can not face the familiar becomes unfamiliar, lopsided process.
You can not be happy afterlife promised my life , just like yesterday, how the sun can not dry clothes today . I miss, I’m waiting , I hope that I have not want to say , because I think , if interested, you will understand .
Hopefully , the afterlife , marry me , Coronet Xiapei ; love me , Haikushilan ; accompany me , for life .

Pray – Love Poem


Pray (Tina Cousins song)

Pray (Tina Cousins song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I pray that summer wind, winter drier;
I pray that there are red and purple flowers;
I pray that love is not mocked,
Someone falls support;
I pray for compassion ─ ─
When people sad
Love Verses
At least give comfort
Rather than sit on the vertical eyebrow;
I pray like a fountain of knowledge source
Every day surge endless,
It also prohibits instead, it is also prohibited;
I pray that everyone singing from the bottom of the chest
No whoever manufacturing model
High and low tones for all requirements;
I pray
One day, no one
Like me to make such a prayer!

Love Pictures


The stroke of death is as a lovers pinch,
Which hurts and is dersired


When your thoughts wander to that
special person all day for a month,
when you don’t want to be
anywhere else than in their arms,
when your heart skips a beat
everytime you see them,
then, my friend, you are in love.
Love Stories


It is strange to be known
so universally and
yet to be so lonely.


Real men never stop trying to
show a woman how much she means to him,
even after he got her.


If there is anything
better than to be loved,
it is loving.

Remembering how you look the first time I saw you

Met, parting is not far away. Poly and scattered, already kinship. If we say that time will change the initial OK, I only wish, fixed in that second seeing you. If we say that, once the encounter has become martyrs, I only wish, remember your initial appearance.

- Inscription

That night, Du Yi Xuan window, the window rain fly, which layers behind the beautiful rain curtain, hiding the Yudian Er of how much bitterness. Occasional rain naughty children always hi stroked my cheek, wet my eyes, blurred my facial features. That dim lights, trance has emerged that familiar figure. That figure, suddenly away suddenly near, looming. Not biting like scarring wound pain, deep heart flood of memories, will I drown …… until

Has shown signs of that day, Yingti Yan dance, pink and leaves, warm warm, beautiful. Even though I was out of tune with this beauty. The find any moment, and perhaps God’s mercy, when I reluctantly struggling in the mire, a pair of big warm hand I pulled that outline, handsome unrestrained. That facial features, Wen Wanru jade, clean and clear. That smile, mildly thousand back, and instantly melted my heart cohesion long iceberg, as a cinnabar like forever engraved in my heart, enduring deep lingers for years.

Acacia baileyana

Acacia baileyana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Love Poems

I met you, my life is the most beautiful embellishment, because your company, I am no longer alone, willing to work with you diffuse concept Yunjuanyunshu, static watch blossom. I met you, my life the most beautiful encounters, because of your love, I am no longer sad, willing to work with you to ride the horizon, lingering tempting. I met you, I wish the most beautiful love of Love, because of your concern, I am no longer anxious, willing to work with you of band, compose a love mantra.

Guying residual rainbow, stained Red dash? Wasted time, faded how many wonderful? I look forward to the “people would like to have a white head and not the phase from the” but an elusive dream of prosperity. You pull off like that leave my world, any time I have to retain no trace of moving. If fate allows me to select it again, I would rather that he is blind, so it does not matter goes to see your face.

Eyes whirling, tears blurred. Broken heart like falling leaves scattered on the ground like that how to bond? There who knows? Lost bloom again as beautiful as three thousand vicissitudes cold desolate, how to find? With whom to ask? Shallow fleeting, leave me alone among themselves with interminable sorry ……

Always thought being in close proximity, however, although in Union Hill, the situation is no longer a trace. Even if we have thousands sweetly, Kam book is already difficult to care. He’s been chasing this music is not being run, how can I forget, I have always separated by a short and well-being insurmountable distance.

Jun known, to love you, I became no longer their own. Even low to the dust also fearless. Had foolishly thought that as long as I Hello, I’m as good as you would on. But had word from you and sad for several days, also because one of your smiles and happy days. But of all this is so, but it does not matter in your eyes, full of sorrow and who complained?

Jun shows that since not after, often Sijun tears like rain, recalling meet, and the king several times Hunmeng same. Into the thoughts of the cage nothing to extricate themselves. As Acacia door, how can I know Acacia bitter? Acacia phase read countless times without seeing told myself not to think about, but it was still so miss the upper hand, arrogant erosion.

Jun known, has been pursuing the dream, the end is still too hard. State knows I love this time? Jun countless dreams faintly visible in the figure, is so true. However, dreams are ruthless, which even looked at that moment, are so hurried.

Wanted, Should I was the moth, knowing that they instantly vanished toward the flames, but as Bo-jun blue eyes little spy. May not hesitate, even in this life, beyond redemption. Do not expect you will think of me when you saw that lights in silhouette, only wish that a little thin warm lights make you feel lonely rainy night in anxious.

Wanted, Should I was the young silkworm, knowing the pain becomes slough into lightly after the monarch butterflies, but with preparations to establish tempting. Willing to abandon that busy. Drunk to accompany the king laugh thousand games, no complaints from the War, not “hold your hand, and the child with the old” only want you happy, laughs with you. You sad, cry with you.

Wanted, Should I was the butterflies, knowing that the more difficult the sea. But with the king Instinct Red, willing innocently waiting for that flying can take the yellow leaves swaying branches of the acacia, across my brow, across the miss distance, stay in your window.

Always said that time is the best drug therapy can heal emotional wounds caused, not to think of escape really can forget yesterday’s Love War? G there who knows? Love is wine, time will only make it more intense, I do not want to forget about your memory, do not want to forget, I will make it run aground at some unknown corner, or you will not know where to use .

Destiny is an erratic shuttle, we do not describe the full affection, it was destiny written yesterday. Perhaps we encounter a beginning is a mistake, when the encounter has become martyrs, I only wish to remember your initial appearance.

The Bowl, anything sad autumn picture fan.

Lightly but it is changing people’s minds, but said it is people are fickle

When it is people have changed, when met become martyrs, I was willing to remember your initial appearance.

The Dream Lives as Long as You are Here

You inadvertently retain
Love all the nectar spraying
With all the warmth
Blot out the memory of bitterness
Left lying on the blank
Engraved Acacia language
Kind of gentle listening
Covers the world of truth
In the perception of pay
Crystal tears falling
Secret Love Poems

Those Cangsang
Has as superficial
Those in the past
Write down the language of the heart
Every sound care
Attachment Wan battle
Injected flying sail
Quietly indulgence
Every read
Coalescence considerate gentle
Scattered dream smile
Looking affectionate

You walk into the heart
Melting rapidly and
Cold winter driving
The dawn of spring suspension
Golden rising in the sky
You walk into the poem
Quietly leave vulgar
The topics covered poetry
Covered with a rich scent of ink
Achievement of a qualitative leap

Looking back with you in the distance
The warmth of your heart to pass
I believe golden glow
The day is not far render
I believe the harvest season
In sight

Taurus Love Horoscope

Cover of "Taurus (Reach Your Potential Se...

Cover of Taurus (Reach Your Potential Series)

For those born this month!

( apr 21 – may 20 )
Traits of a Taurean: Patient, reliable, determined and practical.

The Taurus will readily lend a helping hand to the family, friends and the needy even if it means that they would have to endure hardship or loss.

You can count on the Taurus, they will not leave you disappointed. Their dependability makes them excellent employees and friends.

Down to earth
These reliable and sensible souls are quite down to earth, polite and pleasant personalities. Success rarely goes to their heads.

More Love Horoscope

Patience is a virtue and the Taurus posses it aplenty. They believe in doing the job right rather than being the first one to do the job.

Financially and emotionally, the Taurus prefer to be independent and strong so that they don’t have to look for support when life throws lemons at them.

Once they set their eyes on something, the Taurus will persistently put in all the efforts to get it. Failures and setbacks rarely dampen their spirits.